Christian Education

The invitation is always open for anyone to take advantage
of the opportunities for Bible study available here at Broadfording.

Sunday School for All Ages-Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

There are six classes for children and youth (pre-primary through grade 12) where Bible lessons are taught on the respective levels of understanding.

Adults may choose from the following classes:

Adult Class Elective studies a variety of topics and/or book studies related to the Bible.  Prophetic truths as well as historical and current applications to Christian living are taught using an interactive discussion type format. The current elective is called “How the Brethren Came to Believe about ….”

Faith Searchers Class discusses various topics on Christian living.

Pathfinders and Truth Seekers Classes study from curriculum based on International Sunday School Lessons.  

Faith Fighters Class is for all post high school young adults.